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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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take a look at this picture taken by a passenger. the american airlines flight bound for dallas fort worth when the glass crashed. the pilot immediately turned the plain around. no one was injured and passengered were put on a different flight. >> a plane diverted the plane was heading from new york to west palm beach when a passenger tried to reklein in her seat. the woman sitting hined her got mad because she was trying to sleep on her tray table. the two got into a heated argument. the one woman insisted on getting off of the plane forcing it to land in jacksonville where she was escorted off. >> she said i don't care about the consequences, put this plane down now. >> this is the third clash over rekleining seats in recent weeks. as week you may remember a
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flight are where a french national was arrested. a flight erupted over the controversial knee defender. the battle over leg room on airlines. what is the seat solution, should rekleining be banned? log on to "fox and friends first for a live debate #keep talking. now to an extreme weather for you. tragedy striking in pennsylvania when an 11-year-old boy is killed in a lightning strike while swimming in a creek. >> the latest lightning strike in the string of many. the high numbers are rare. house in georgia catching fire after being struck by lightening. residents spent the weekend cleaning up after a massive storm hit the area trees and pourer lines falling to the
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ground. >> a tornado touched down destroying cars and homes. maria molina tracking more severe weather. >> extreme weather, we had two tornadoes in michigan at least two. also a confirmed tornado in kansas. that storm system is on the move. more severe storms will be possible today from parts of kentucky to ohio and parts of up state new york. out here the concern will continue to be large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. this will be especially true during the afternoon and evening hours. if you live in the area you have to have a way of getting those warnings ahead of the storm system. one of the ingredients are very warm temperatures. it will still feel like summer out there for many of you along the east coast and new york city. the actual high will be 92. 9 0es also in the southeast and into the planes. this is what it will feel like
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when you head out the door. it will feel like 96 in new york, 1 g-- 100 in raleigh and memphis. that will mover eastward and produce the severe weather risk. i want to take you to the tropics. we were talking about the gulf of mexico that is a tropical storm. it is tropical storm dolly. it is staying south of the u.s. and relatively weak. land fall in mexico by wednesday. late tonight into early tomorrow morning out here maximum sustained winds then could be a little higher. low wind sheer low temperatures on the ocean. max winds at 50 miles an hour. we could see heavy rain from the storm and rip current, too. over to you. >> united states launching air strikes against militants in
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somalia. don't expect the president to talk about it. slamming republicans over the recon me. piecer dos see joins us live. >> the president ordered a drone attack an the target was the spiritual leader of the terror group al-shabaab. military forces conducted military strikes against the al-shabaab network. we will provide additional information when appropriate. somalia is on the east coast thousands of miles away from libya where they were seen jumping into a pool at a cia residential annex they took over and from syria where isis militants are sought to be organizing. on a labor day event they focused on another problem he said has hindered the success partisan politics within the
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beltway. >> sometimes when i talk about this stuff to some of my folks on the other side of the i'll they are like why are you stirring up class resentment. i am not stirring up class resentment. they are not looking for a yacht, they are not looking for their own plane. they are not looking for a mansion. all they are looking for is if they work hard they can pay the bills. >> lart today the president will look -- >> later in the week he will attended a summit in whales he will talk about ways to defeat isis with the help of our allies. >> peter doocy live for us. thank you, peter. in sharp contrast to president obama david cameron getting tough on terrorism proposing sweeping new legislation to block the spread of islamic extremism.
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doug mcelway outlines the prime minister's plan. >> with several hundred british nationals of muslim descent david cameron will protect the country from the growing threat. >> it is not a right. they have the discretion to refuse passports if there is reason to believe they are planning to take part in terrorist related ak tirity. >> another would allow british police ceaseize passports. he introduced a bill that allows parliament not the court to determine whether it is right to have that power. cameron's aggressive defense is in stark contrast to the u.s. hundreds of citizens are fighting for isis. not enough critics say given the religious fervor of the isis threat. >> there is not a single example
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of one of these insurrections in 2,000 years being put down without massive bloodshed without killing fan fat attics. you have got to fill them. >> president obama resisted pressure sure for critics about syria. audi arabia warning in advance of a nato summit in whales i am certain after a month they will reach europe and after another month america. >> i don't think there's any support. >> overwhelming force by air and land that could put isis out of the west. >> doug mcelway, thank you. there are groups in the middle east that want to fight isis but they need american support. >> clearly with isis diplomacy and economic sanctions have no place whatsoever.
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it will be all the military. the fact that that the example here isn't cameron it is george h.w. bush. what did he do? he said of the invasion of kuwait this will not stand and a coalition formed behind it. obama says i have no plans and he expects the muslim world to rally behind him. there are people on the ground, the kurds, many of the sunnis are awakening and many shiite iraqis as well as the syrian army who want to fight isis but they need they shalling air power and american weapons. >> today doctors are expected to find out the extent of the drbrn damage for joan rivers as they take her off of the medically induced coma. as a result the producers canceled fashion police. they were scheduled to film that because of the fashion week.
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dozens of celebrities meantime targeted in a massive hack attack vowing to go after the mystery man who leaked racy photos of them on-line. this after the fbi has joined a hunt to track them down. kelly wright with the latest. >> right now he is on the run a mysterious man who calls himself original guy he is a hacker who posted nude photos of the stars on-line. his actions catching the attention of the fbi which says in a statement it is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and unlawful release of high profile individuals and addressing the matter. jennifer lawrence and kate upton are being exposed on-line in a private intimate moment. kate upton said this is a
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violation of kate upton's privacy. we wi-- we intend to pursue any one disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest. while it is not known how the hacker gained access to these private photos one computer expert listed some possible methods. >> it could be that the individual accounts were hacked using a stolen passport, maybe a bass word used on other computer services and stolen there. it could also be the icloud service was acting as a service. >> apple owns the icloud it fixed the bug hackers could have used to penetrate the icloud account and leaked photos of the celebrities. a lot of people concerned about this one.
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>> kelly wright live for us. operations on the mesa verdict averde are back. all 25 on board are safe. it happened as the chopper was attempting to land on the deck. three separate minor injuries. the aircraft was transferring troops back to the ship for training. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a wild ride for passengers when a bus driver gets hined the wheel drunk. how long police were able to pull him off the road. >> how would you like to save money just by taking your own ipad on to a plane? will these airlines even consider it. >> country music's power tussle pulling down 1 million in one week. find out why.
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♪ >> a little kc anned the s& the sunshine band this morning. thank you for joining us. we have chaos to tell you about unfolding as a man points a gun at -- the suspect pointed his weapon at the officers forcing him to shoot. they managed to have him surrender and arrested him. he is under going a mental vl weighs at the hospital. >> frantic passengers on a florida greyhound bus call police on their driver. he almost ran a car off the road and was falling asleep at the wheel. richard campbell had been
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swerving into and out of lanes for more than 30 miles he was arrested after failing a sobriety test. >> aings in anal atheist group is rallying against a cross on a veteran's statue in indiana. the cross is 14 inches tall as you can see carved on the bottom of an 8 foot tall statue to honor those in battle. it sends the message the government only cares about the death of christian soldiers. state officials are deciding if that cross should be removed. >> fast food workers aseeking a $15 minimum wage, period now set to begin the next page of -- stage of protests. lauren simonetti -- a $15 increase would be a lot. sorry about that. >> raising the minimum wage to
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15 bucks an hour will get more fodder. fast food workers this time joined by home care workers they plan to go on strike in more than 100 cities and they will engage in civil days obedience sit ins. businesses say the 15 an hour would wipe out their profits. the city of detroit bankruptcy trial gets underway. the plan to wipe out 7 billion in debt should be approved. most tread tors endorsed the plan which has state's companies as well as foundations to donate $800 million to soften cuts to city pensions. in return city artwork wouldn't be sold to satisfy trecreditors. they oppose detroit's plan. an airlines that save money by letting you bring your own device to watch movies and television. they should pass along those savings to you as a passenger
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that according to a survey. it finds 94 percent of people believe passengers deserve to benefit when they bring their own devices either through free entertainment or cheaper air fair. let's show you wall street now more positivity. do you future -- dow futures up. new month first trading day september is a rough month history for stocks. heather and ainsley, back to you. >> the time is 18 after the top of the hour. coming up, it is game over for atlantic city's $2.4 billion casino. thousands unemployed. why some say this is exactly what atlantic city needs. >> this bud is for you. an entire town taking it why this is not the case.
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>> less than an hour right now atlantic city's newest casinos are closing their doors for good. they are one of three casinos shutting down over the next two weeks. we have what this means for the industry. >> another atlantic city house has folded. the glitzy $2.4 billion revel hotel closes with the promise to revitalize ac's struggling gambling market. >> i think this casino is magnificent and i hope someone can take it over and operate it
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again. >> as the revel name was sealed off from the front of the building holiday revellers enjoyed a final pool party at the resort and scoured for itri souvenirs. >> it comes after the showboat casino shut its doors an in two weeks the trump plaza will follow suit. in all 8,000 employees like long time showboat worker loretta vain will be left unemployment. >> it is terrible. everybody is down. >> as much as i hate to see people lose their jobs, people that work in all of the other casinos got to work for them they got extra days of pay, tips we know the up. >> steve calendar is the general manager of the tropicana one ch eight casinos that will remain open in the end. reducing the number of casinos will leave less competition for those still standing and could
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keep atlantic city from crumbling all together. >> i think it is one of the necessary things that has to happen to make our business vibrant and strong again. >> miranda lambert and blake shelton must have something against sin city. they turneded down a $1 million offer to perform three shows at caesar's palace. they would have done it for than extra 250,000 dollars but they wouldn't do that. they are trying to find replacement for celine dion who is going on hiatus. >> you can't take the king out the two jets lisa marie and the groundhog two are removing them from the greyhound museum. the museum is planning a total make-over and the custom airplanes didn't make the final cuts. the two planes are listed for
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sale on-line. serious buyers only. you need to call for the price. that would be cool to own that. >> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. time to brew on this. residents in crest day butte colorado hopping mad after officials are getting a green light for the beer company to take over the town. >> they are paying the town half a million dollars to fence it in and paint it blue. the 500,000 sn the worth it residents say. >> i think it is inappropriate. >> we are here for people from out of town. that's what we thrive on that's what we live on. >> we want to know would you want a beer company to take over your town? send your comments to us at facebook, twitter, at the time now is 25 after the
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>> while you were sleeping another flight diverted over another leg room battle. what should they do to stop the air rage. >> watches and warnings as weather leaves houses damaged and it is not over yet. we are tracking the severe weather threat today. it may not feel like it is -- summer is over yet. we have deals you can fall in love with now. how to get a free cup of coffee
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or save big on a new iphone. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. breaking overnight a mid air emergency. the front windshield of a plane packed with people shattered. take a look at this picture it was taken by a passenger. the american airlines flight had just taken off american airlines airport bound for dallas fort worth when the glass cracked. the plane immediately turned around. it is unclear what caused the glass to shelter. >> delta flight with air rage it was heading from new york to west palm beach when a passenger tried to reklein her seat. the women sitting behind her was mad because she was trying to sleep on top of her tray table. the two got into a heated argument. one woman insisted on getting off the plane saying she wanted
2:31 am
to land. she said i don't care about the consequences. the flight attendant spoke at the captain while someone was blocking her path to the cabin and a few minutes later an announcement came on we were diverting to jacksonville. >> it is the third clash over rekleining seat. a french national was arrested by air marshall the other on a flight from newark to denver when a passenger viewed that controversial fee defender. let's talk about the leg room on airplanes. what's the seat solution? should rekleining be banned? join the conversation #keep talking. happening today chicago beefs up security. students return to school today another 100 safe passage workers
2:32 am
in yellow vests will be on route as they walk through crime ridden neighborhoods to get to school. the state is promising $10 million to put another 600 guards on the street. >> u.s. warplanes striking terror targets in somalia. a they tout the economy and blames republicans for the gridlock. >> good morning. the white house we are seeing this push and pull with all of these events overseas. what the president would rather talk about is the economy and the mid term elections. first of all what happened in somalia overnight air strikes on terror targets just south of the capital city of mogadishu. here is what the pentagon says about this. u.s. military forces against theal shab bob network. we are assessing the results and will provide additional information when appropriate. at the same time you have events
2:33 am
playing out in places like somalia, iraq, afghanistan, syria, ukraine, you name it. the president making this pivot to talk about issues he would rather focus on like the economy and up coming mid term election. here he was yesterday at a labor day event in milwaukee. >> most of the policies i am talking about have two things in common help more working families get ahead and the republicans who run our congress oppose almost all of them. (crowd booing) >> don't boo, vote. >> the up coming mid term elections are nine weeks from today and this is why so much is at steake because of the balanc of power within the senate. if republicans take control the president's remaining agenda
2:34 am
could go up in smoke. >> thanks, doug. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. charles krauthammer says having the muss rim world unite and fight against isis would be the best strategy. >> he says that would never happen. >> of course you have the muslim loyalty unite against these guys. you would like to have a cure for ebola tomorrow. it's not going to happen in the history of islam or tomorrow. we are not doing anything against isis or will not as a favor to saudi arabia. the reason for the gulf war was not to save the royal family it was for american and western interests. the fight against isis is not for saudi arabia and the idea of inviting iran into iraq and into syria to fight against isis isn't exactly a happy prospect
2:35 am
either. in other news the fbi now looking into the hacking scandal targeting the world's hottest celebrities. an iphone glitch allowed hackers to steel their racy photos and post them on-line. you need to protect yourself so it doesn't happen to you. first don't take racy photos. >> it could happen to any people who enjoy but it is private. it's the kind of story celebrities always fear their privacy being violated. now a mysterious man who calls himself original guy claims to have hundreds of private nude feet toes of f-- photos he can on-line has posted on-line. the fbi says it is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful use of material involving high profile individuals and is addressing the matter. oscar winner jennifer lawrence
2:36 am
and kate upton are vowing to take legal action against the hacker who posted intimate pictures of them and stars on-line. mckayla marone knee tweeted about photos that show her in the nude. she tweets the fake photos of me are crazy. trying to rides above it all and not give the creator the time of day. >> it has serious questions will protecting people on-line. how we and common folk protect ourselves from hackers. >> go with a stronger pass word. it doesn't matter whif you are using icloud or other cloud service. you want it protected. a stronger pass word will take you there. lock your device. they don't ought mat lee lock now they need to lock in the future. >> apple says it has fixed the bug that hackers could have used to penetrate the icloud account.
2:37 am
the hacker is on the run and as ainsley and heather eluded to, too take racy photos. >> back to you. it does go beyond that protecting all of our stuff. >> thank you, kelly. >> we have extreme weather to talk about. maria molina has been tracking it all morning long. >> we had severe weather over the weekend and also yesterday with two confirmed form ttornad that happened yesterday. they were confirmed by the national weather service as being 100 to 110 mile per hour wind strength. e f1 tornadoes another tornado happened in kansas in kansas late last night. the sun was setting. a very scary sight there. the storm system is still on the move. potential for severe weather is still in place today across parts of kentucky up into ohio,
2:38 am
pennsylvania and parts of up state new york. you will be looking at the risk for large hail damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. the tornado potential today is much lower than it was yesterday. you can't ever rule out a possible tornado out here when you were looking at the severe weather potential in place. one of the ingredients is warm temperatures. you have winds out of the south pumping up the warm air northward. a lot of humidity as well. temperatures are going to be very high. you are going to be in the 90d in places like new york city down through the southeast and even as far west as parts of texas. you factor in the humidity it will feel like 96. it will feel like 100 in raleigh and memphis and the city of dallas. keep that in mind as you are headed outdoor. the system will push eastward and we are cooling off just a little bit across portions of the northeast as we head into tomorrow. further off to the south i want to take you to the gulf of mexico. it is still hurricane season.
2:39 am
we are heading to the piece of it. we have our next storm that formed during the morning hours. tropical storm dolly has maximum sustained winds at 45 miles per hour. it will be late tonight to tomorrow morning. it could believing land fall with maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. it will strengthen because it has warm temperatures out here on the ocean waters. it will eat off of that wind sheer. it doesn't have much time to strengthen. it will remain a trop stical st. one of the impacts over portions of texas will be areas of rain. we could be picking up several inches out here adds we head into the next several days. along coastal areas if any one is headed to the beach they are going to be rip current. there will be rough surf. you have the counter clockwise flow with the storm system bringing the water on shore. it will be rough along the coastal areas.
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let's head back over to you. >> 39s after the top of the hour. looks like president obama and other world leaders will have to look elsewhere for discounted booze and candy. where they were just banned from duty free shops. and a wine shortage. some of your favorites could soon be disappearing from the store shelves. what we all need to stock up on now. >> plus brad and angelina's first wedding picks revealed. have you seen this? we will have your first look at their big day. i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is
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♪ >> welcome back. that's a shot of sixth avenue. labor day is over. russia is fighting back against sanctions and is banning world leaders from it's duty free shop. 13 world leaders including president obama david cameron and ukrainian officials have been banned at buying duty free items at the russian airport. signs declining entry of president obama is posted. that will show them. >> they could be getting sneakers in boot camp. new balance is pitching the pentagon on this that could come
2:45 am
scann standard issue for soldiers. new balance is not the only company eyeing a potential military contract. the pentagon will post an industry briefing with u.s. shoe makers later this month. >> it is time for the 5@5:00. five things you need to shotockp on before there is a shortage. wine in any and all kind. the wine country taking a big hit. knew tell law a harsh winter wiped out holidays el nut crops. the spread is going to bet more expensive. >> you may fight over the last bunch of bananas. crops are destroyed by the fungus called the pana disease. better get used to cocktails without your limes. due to heavy rain ras and bacteria the mexican lime price went up from $30 a crate to
2:46 am
$200. high he demand leading to a bacon shortage. >> how about the bacon knew tell law banana sandwich. >> save tember. they are looking to clear their summer stock. adam shapiro is here to breakdown the best bargains. >> hi heather. it depends what you want to buy. september is the month retailers offer big mark downs. here are a few things to keep in mind. it is national coupon month and new york daily news reports discounts on sandals, shorts, swimsuits, sun dresses discounts as high as 75 percent off. home depot expected to drop prices on grills. even though labor day is over plenty of warm weather outside. maybe time for new furniture. pottery barn offering 20 percent off on chairs and desks. home goods go on sale.
2:47 am
all of the white sails offers deal on bedding. maisie still advertising the labor day deals this morning. ray ban dole chai and cabana on sale at sun glass hut. you can look shach this fall and next summer while saving some cash. if you have waited to buy a new smart phone the wait is almost over. apple is expected to unveil the new iphone six next week. that is usually when someone does something like this the previous gadgets go on sale. which means the iphone 5 s is sure to go on sale. you can expect prices on the 5 s under are 100 bucks. >> wow. >> my mom can trade in her flip phone finally. >> welcome to the 21st sen to r toour -- century. >> we will teach her how to text. >> the trip was supposed to last only a few days but it ended
2:48 am
with a coast guard rescue. >> no more goenld arch-- golden arches? >> why the iconic branned is being forced to go blue. see what's coming up on "fox and friends. >> the aqua arch? okay. i can hardly wait to hear about that. coming up to you on "fox and friends, drug strikes in somalia while we take our eyes off of isis they seek tough anti-terrorism laws. is this what our president should be doing? we have all of the fallout from t the. parents of a shave sri seal killed in action demand president obama's reds nation. they join us live. the top five jobs that don't require a college degree. if you need a job after labor day. who doesn't. 12 minutes from right now we kick things off live from new
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welcome back. a teenage girl gets a painful surprise while playing in the water in florida. a shark biting the 13-year-old girl on the leg while she was body surfing. it happened in broko raton. her father carried her out of the water, can you imagine, and she was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. this is the fifth shark attack in that area this year. the trip was only supposed to take a couple days, but a florida couple is lucky to be alive after spending a week adrift in the gulf of mexico. they were trapped 80 miles offshore without any food. they were forced to drink water out of an old bucket. the two were sailing from apollo beach when their engine cut out
2:53 am
and then a powerful storm ripped their sail. a friend contacted the coast guard after she had not heard from them for several days. this country star is going to be a mom. ♪ ♪ why you've got to be so blind ♪ ♪ won't you open up your eyes >> carrie underwood taking to twitter to announce that she is expecting a baby. she posted this photo of herself holding her two dogs. they're wearing t-shirts that say "i'm going to be a big brother" and "big sister." this will be the first child for the singer and nhl husband mike fischer. well, we've got your first look at angelina jolie on her wedding day. the actress is on the cover of not one but two magazines, as you can see. her simple gown features an interesting twist. she had drawings by her six children sewn into the back of the dress. here's a better look at the dress, the back at least. we're told only 20 people were at brad and angie's small ceremony in france.
2:54 am
>> unusual, but i like it. it's a good idea. it will be a memory forever. well, the time is eight minutes to the top of the hour. coming up, a marathon baseball game dragging on for days? you won't believe this one. then, an entire town taken over by budweiser. it's leaving residents with a sour taste. so, we want to know, would you want a beer company to take over your town? your e-mails, next. ♪ musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wallet?
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three minutes until the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. the pentagon assessing the results of an operation in somalia after u.s. warplanes conduct air strikes on al shabaab terrorists. the fbi now investigating the massive hack attack as celebrities vow to go after the mystery man who leaked racy photos of them online. and a delta flight diverted in another case of air rage over seat space. the plane heading from new york to west palm beach was diverted to jacksonville. let's keep talking about the battle over legroom on airplanes. what is the seat solution? should reclining be banned? join our conversation on our facebook page right now, #keeptalking. time now to take a look at "the good, the bad and the ugly." up next, the good. a patriotic pickup is being auctioned to help disabled vets in dallas. the ford f-150 has been outfitted with custom wheels and a stars and stripes paint job.
2:59 am
all the proceeds go to cars for troops. and up next, a marathon baseball game in japan lasting four days and 50 innings. amazingly, both starting pitchers, they played the whole time! and the ugly, mcdonald's forced to ditch their iconic golden arches for turquoise. the reason, strict regulations in sedona, arizona, prevent buildings from ruining views of the desert. hmm. and time now for your brew on this response as residents in crested butte, colorado, are hopping mad after local officials gave the green light for bud light to take over the town. the company's paying the town $500,000 to fence it in and paint it blue for an ad campaign. so, we asked, would you want a beer company to take over your town? scott said, "absolutely! good for the economy. not surprised they picked colorado, though." hmm. ed said "i have a feeling that some officials won't be re-elected." albert tweeted, "sure, as long as they bring the jobs." thanks to everyone who
3:00 am
responded. and don't forget, keep talking. #keeptalking on our facebook page, and i will join in the conversation shortly. thank you for joining us today. ainsley has headed downstairs for headlines and "fox & friends" starts right now. see ya! hello, and good morning. today is tuesday, the second of september 2012. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. the uk pushes to be terror-free, and as the president avoids the topic altogether, critics say there is a past leader he can learn from. who is it and will he respond? straight ahead. another flight diverted midair over legroom. >> this woman who was sitting next to me knitting, actually, just tried reclining her seat back. the woman behind her started screaming and swearing. >> really? to recline or not to recline, that is the question.


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